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Saudi Arabia Liveaboard

Yanbu itinerary

The city of Yanbu al Bahar , which in Arabic means “Yanbu by the Sea”, is located 300km North of Jeddah, on the same longitude as the Zabargad Islands in Egypt . Leaving the port of El Sharm several dive sites located in the stretch of sea between Al Hasani Island, north of Yanbu and Sha’ah al Abjad in the South can be reached. 8 miles to the West is the Gotha el Sharm reef , a first taste of this untouched sea with its magnificent coral sculptures still intact. Close by, on the north side of the reef one can dive on the wreck of the Shouna. The epicentre of the cruise is the Seen Reefs complex, found approx. 27 miles from the departure port. Sha’ab al Markeb , Abu Sulul , Mansi , Tawil , Abu Galawa , Shabarir and Testes; each has its own unique characteristics but all have in common the spectacular surroundings and strong presence of large pelagic fish. These dives are considered to be among the best the Red Sea has to offer, clear waters, intact coral, steep walls and many pelagic fish that are becoming used to the presence of man. Numerous hammerhead, longimanus, white and grey sharks swim freely and undisturbed in these waters. The cruise continues towards the northern reefs and the dives sites of sha’ab Gurush , sha’ab Suflani and sha’ab Sadiki , true coral atolls emerging from the blue depths. Dives around here are exceptional and the untouched atolls provide a fitting backdrop.