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Egypt Liveaboard

Marine Park itineraries

Embarkation takes place at Hurghada, outside the Diving World offices. After a few trial diving expeditions around Hurghada to help acclimatize, and marine conditions permitting, our cruiser heads out towards Safaga and the six hour journey to The Brothers. Since there is no sheltered place to drop anchor safe from the sea and the wind, the cruiser can only remain in the island's vicinity for as long as weather conditions allow and every opportunity has to be taken to make as many underwater expeditions as possible. The Brothers provide the very best that any diver could possibly desire to see; hammer sharks, albimarginatus and moon fish, not to mention two amazing wrecks, the Namibia and the Aida II, that floundered on the reef of the bigger island. The wrecks are completely covered by enormous Alyconariae and provide a unique underwater sight. The one-week cruise ends with the reefs close to the coast of El Quseir, returning up the coast towards Safaga and Hurghada. The two-week itinerary follows on to include Daedalus, where an old light house is still to be seen jutting up from a circular shaped reef rapidly disappearing into the blue. The diving expeditions in this area are characterized by the presence of giant, deep-sea fish species. The cruise continues to Zabargad and Rocky Island: unspoilt seabeds moulded by the vivid art of nature and enlivened by sharks and deep-sea fish create a world that contrasts starkly with the harsh fascination of the land above. This enthralling island, wrapped in its history of topaz mining, breathes excitment. The itineraries can be changed slightly according to weather conditions and are designed for experienced underwater divers.

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